Note: This article provides a general and slightly technical introduction to Parachains and indicates how to get started building a Substrate based blockchain which can be launched as Parachain in the Kusama & Polkadot ecosystem. It will explain some parts of Polkadot but it won’t get too much into specific details like staking, slashing or other important mechanics in the ecosystem. Check out the official wiki to learn more about Polkadot.

Status quo

First of all it is important to mention that the Parachain functionality is not live yet. This functionality is the last missing piece of the Polkadot whitepaper and there…

The term Self-Soverein Identity (SSI) will be omnipresent in the coming years. The entire development taking place in this area lays the foundation for our vision of a Crypto Economy which will transform the way business is done in many industries.

By implementing SSI solutions we will be able to:

  • dramatically reduce (governmental) bureaucracy by providing efficient and frictionless processes
  • exchange and verify (personal) data in a safe way and thus avoid the growing amount of data breaches
  • eliminate fraud
  • get rid of centralized logins using different authentication providers like Google, Facebook, Apple, Twitter and many more (why is that…

… we will have full control over our finances, identity and other data!

… we will be able to perform any kind of financial transaction immediate, borderless and with instant finality at low cost while preserving our privacy!

… we will be paid for hour work almost immediately!

… we instead of the big monopolies will earn money with our data!

… we will be able to issue and verify any kind of credential without expensive processes and countless paperwork!

… we will be able to use these verifiable credentials to authenticate against and get authorized by any kind of…

According to Gartner, hyperautomation is the number 1 technology trend in 2020. Everything that can be automated will be automated. Multiple tools and techniques including robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI) will be combined to replace human workers. This will make business processes way more efficient and less error-prone than today. Although in many areas business processes are already highly optimized there is still a lot potential for improvement.

But what type of business processes are we talking about? When diving deeper into that topic one will quickly realize that almost all business processes that are considered to…

Marco Walz

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